About us

The company has been servicing the northern Tasmania area since 1972, providing quality security and hardware items to the locksmith, hardware, and fabrication trades. In 1999, it launched its dedicated locksmith service for the Launceston area.
 Building on this success, it ventured into manufacturing Security and barrier doors to compliment our provision of “the total security provider.”
With the demand for addition services, we launched our range of Aluminium Doors and Energy Efficient Windows, We proudly manufacture a diverse and stylish range of products, from aluminium awning designed to meet strict Australian Building and Construction Standards, whilst retaining unique and superior functionality.
The Range of Products When choosing products for your renovation, it pays to consider the products and workmanship of a PREMIER WINDOWS & LOCKSMITH SERVICES product to meet your requirements.
We specialise in affordable, reliable technology, ensuring long-lasting client satisfaction. ...