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Available Colours

The company has been servicing the northern Tasmania area since 1972, providing quality security and hardware items to the locksmith, hardware, and fabrication trades.

Colours are divided into 2 categories: Stock colours and Non-Stock colours

There are 15 stock colours which are available from our aluminium suppliers. These colours are stocked at our factory and do not incur additional charges.

There are over 50 non-stock colours which are required to be powder coated on request. This incurs an additional cost - which is charged at cost price

Stock Colours

Colour Sample Description Comments
Bronze anodised Bronze anodised bronze Commonly found on older buildings built in the 1970's.
Clear anodised Clear anodised silver/satin chrome above; However, has made a comeback in recent times.
Brown Hammersley Brown mission brown Commonly found on older buildings built in the 1970's.
Black Black Black is black
White White White is white
White Birch White Birch off white This colour suits most off white colours used on timber windows.
Primrose Primrose cream This colour suits most cream colours used on timber windows.
Stone Beige Stone Beige beige This colour suits most beige colours used on timber windows.
Pottery Pottery darker beige This colour is slightly darker then Stone Beige.
Hawthorn Green Hawthorn Green heritage green Dark green found in the more traditional areas of Launceston.
Claret Claret like heritage red Dark red found in the more traditional areas of Launceston.
Apo Grey Apo Grey light grey This colour is similar to Clear Anodised with a Matt appearance.
Notre Dame Notre Dame dark grey This colour is similar to the grey used for school uniforms.
Woodland grey Woodland Grey medium grey Formerly known as Grey;
Deep Ocean Deep Ocean dark blue Formerly known as Mountain Blue;

The colours shown are as close as possible to actual product colours. However, they are for illustrative purposes only and colour reproduction will vary depending on the web browser, monitor and computer being used.

What is Powder coating?

Powder coating is the technique of applying dry paint to metals. In Powder Coating, the powdered paint is electrostatic  charged and sprayed onto the metal in a kiln at very high temperatures. Powder coating is simply the colouring of the aluminium.

Q. Are your windows and/or doors made from Aluminium?
A. If so, your new screens will match the existing colour.

Q. Are your windows and/or doors made from Timber?
A. If so, this is a little more difficult to match due to the fact that timber windows are painted with a wet paint and ; (which is a standard house paint) compared to aluminium windows which are Powder coated. A powder coating colour chart comprises approx. 30 colours compared to a Wet paint colour chart comprising over 100 colours. The basic colours such as Black, White, Primrose, Stone Beige, Brown, Hawthorn Green,  est. in most cases have matched exactly.

Q. My timber windows do not match any colour on this website. What can I do?
A. If you can supply the colour name and/or code of the wet paint colour we can check our colour charts to see if the colour is available. If the colour is not available we can contact Dulux to enquire which colour would match the closest.


Premier Windows and Locksmith Services proudly use Dulux powder coatings on our aluminium windows and doors. Dulux powder coatings are manufactured in Australia and engineered to meet the tough and varied demands of the Australian climate. To maintain the decorative and protective properties of the powder coated finish, Premier Windows and Locksmith Services recommends cleaning at least every 6 months. In harsh, industrial, or coastal environments, more frequent cleaning is necessary.