Sliding Flyscreen Door

Door Specifications:

Sliding Flyscreen Door
  • Metal catch lockable from inside
  • Deadlock with 2 keys
  • Heavy duty aluminium frame
  • Bug seal to bottom of door
  • Includes midrail (optional)
  • Includes flyscreen

Product Close-Up:

Bass Handle Bug seal No Midrail Flyscreen Door Flyscreen Door
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Possible Extras:



New tracking may need to be installed to the top and/or bottom of existing glass sliding door track. Generally required for doors which have been installed in the 1970's?

Door Tracking Door Tracking
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Optional Extras:
Dog/Cat Doors
  • Magnetic closure, 6 colours available
  • Suitable for dog and cats
  • Small door is suitable for cats and smaller dogs
    (opening size of door is 190 mm wide x 240 mm high)
  • Large door is suitable for slightly larger dogs
    (opening size of door is 260 mm wide x 400 mm high)
Large white doggy door (6 colours available) Small white doggy door
Inside view of small doggy door Inside view of small doggy door
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Pet proof mesh
Purpose: Provides a durable mesh designed to withstand scratching from dogs and cats.
Pet proof mesh Pet proof mesh
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